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B.Sophisticated is your online guide to selecting gifts for the woman in your life.


Think of us as your gift-giving strategist, your Chief of Staff, your ally in battle.
We know hours in a department store can feel like days in a minefield.
Whether you’re totally at a loss for ideas or a savvy shopper yourself, you’ll be reassured by our lineup. Not only is it our job to curate objects and experiences but unique brands, under-the radar names and new trends that will put you a step ahead of her—and, in turn, her ahead of all her friends.


So, how do we get it right every time? After you log in, just fill out our quick questionnaire about the woman in your life and start discovering the most unique and coveted gifts tailored to her personality. We’ll help you keep the flame alive by keeping track of all the important dates in your live like birthdays and anniversaries—but adding sparks with unexpected token of attention is our real mission.


The best part: you don’t have to settle for something she might like. Our job is to make you the hero—and to surprise and delight her. Everybody wins.

Meet your diplomat

Lionel Geneste


New York-based Lionel Geneste is a fashion and luxury industry veteran, having worked for John Hardy, Givenchy, Catherine Malandrino and Randolph Duke in various capacities, from global marketing to communications and merchandising. And while that experience has allowed him to forge close bonds with designers, key editors and industry influencers, the roots of b.Sophisticated go back to one decisive period in his life: a childhood spent traveling and soaking up cultures.

Born in Tehran to French parents, Geneste grew up as a modern nomad: Cairo, Istanbul, Lagos, Beirut, Paris are just a few places he once called home. And so he acquired an eclectic eye, at an early age, for the refined and urbane—only further encouraged by his clotheshorse mother and her like-minded friends.

At b.Sophisticated, Geneste combines that trained eye and culturally aesthetic savvy with a longstanding sixth sense for what women want. Since the age of eight, he has been the family's gift-giving consultant.

There hasn't been a gift returned from the Geneste household for decades.