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Adelina Wong Ettelson

Marketing at Mandarin Oriental Group

She puts her own spin on classic chic—and polished, it goes without saying—holding true to her old-school values with a modern sensibility. Think Lanvin and not a twin set and pearls. And while this by-the-book perfectionist loves getting all dolled up for events and charity galas, she most likely had a hand in organizing them. She's mad for art and home décor and, despite her packed schedule, always make time for a game of tennis. And to cap it off?  Strolls with her children in Central Park.

Adelina Wong Ettelson supports: Save Venice, which protects the cultural patrimony of the city by raising funds to restore its monuments and works of art—while educating on the importance of preservation.

  • Mark The Occasion

    Fred Leighton—Diamond Earrings


    Fred Leighton is renowned for his extraordinary collection of vintage and estate…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Anya Hindmarch—Bespoke Dunstone


    London-based Anya Hindmarch is a girl's girl and women love her designs, like th…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Quintessentially—Lifetime Dedicated Membership


    The world's leading members-only concierge club, Quintessentially offers many se…

  • Reignite The Flame

    Mandarin Oriental Hotel—Paris, France


    What better place to reconnect than the City of Love? Situated at the top of the…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Will Cotton—Portraits of My Kids and I

    Inquire for price

     New York—based artist Will Cotton is known for his landscapes composed of…

  • Inspire Her

    iPod Touch 5—Loaded with Songs

    Price starts at $199

    Upload all of her favorite songs as well as a playlist of up-and-coming artists…

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  • Mark The Occasion



  • Mark The Occasion

    Sidney Garber—Drop Diamond Earrings

    $11, 800

    Sidney Garber—a go-to-jeweler for the Chicago elite—has been recently revived by…

  • Mark The Occasion

    Chaumet—Diamond Headband


    With Chaumet—a place Vendôme jeweler renowned for its tiaras—diamonds are a girl…

  • Mark The Occasion

    Dior—Mini D Watch


    This new version of the Mini D is effortlessly chic and playfull. She will wear…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Marc Deloche—Tie and Die Earrings


    Being first an architect, Marc Deloche is a relatively new comer on the jewelry…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Qumi Projector


    Small and lightweight, this projector is high-tech chic and will impress childre…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Illesteva—Handmade Umbrella


    Brooklyn-based Illesteva has a discreet cult following. No one will have a refin…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Hermès—"Verrou" Clutch


    Hermès never disappoints and this rare clutch—and its simple yet sophisticated c…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Montblanc—White Meisterstück


    This limited edition of the classic Meisterstück in white is striking. In an era…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Maison Takuya—Python iPad Mini Case


    High tech meets centuries old handstitched craftsmanship. And she will be impres…

  • Reignite The Flame

    La Colombe d'Or—Saint Paul de Vence

    Price starts at $328

    From Picasso to the Burton-Taylors, everyone has stayed in what can be called th…

  • Reignite The Flame

    Villa Dubrovnik—Dubrovnik,Crotia

    Price starts at $625

    This hotel, perfectly positioned on a Croatian cliff, boasts views of the…

  • Reignite The Flame

    Casa San Agustin—Carthagena

    Price starts at $350

    The exquisite Casa San Agustín echoes Cartagena’s fresh contemporary style and c…

  • Inspire Her

    Novel Quest—Ciclotte


    An object of design, a home accessory and, most importantly, a stationary b…

  • Inspire Her

    Farrow & Ball—At Home Consultancy Service


    Book a trained color consultant who will visit her to discuss her favorite color…

  • Inspire Her

    Reed Krakoff—Women in Art


    Photographed by Reed Krakoff—an avid art collector, Women in Art: Figures of Inf…

  • Upgrade It!

    Valextra—Madison Bag


    Valextra is the ultimate chic—pure lines, sophistication and discretion. She wil…

  • Upgrade It!

    Bottega Veneta—Intrecciato Trolley and Bag

    Price starts at $4,900

    A perfect example of great craftmanship, the Intrecciato collection is upda…

  • Upgrade It!

    Monique Péan—Grey Jade Earrings


    There are two reasons to buy Monique Péan jewelry beside her obvious talent: eac…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Dhara Dhevi Hotel—Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Price starts at $684

    This hotel looks like it has been there forever—every piece of furniture is muse…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Taffin—Pearl & Lacquer Ring

    Inquire for price

    Taffin’s designer James de Givenchy offers a unique combination of elegance and…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Singita Sabora—Serengeti, Tanzania

    Price starts at $995

    Enjoy all the usual thrills of a safari within an intimate camp of nine tents, a…

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Amanda Hearst


She has the Old Guard pedigree, the passion for philanthropy and is no stranger to extensive world travel (and foreign languages to boot). Yet she's a fresh-faced, down-to-earth and laid-back gal who's somewhat of a homebody—and loves her yoga. Her fashion sense matches her discreet personality—read: understated chic—with a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable labels.

Amanda Hearst supports: Friends of Finn, a committee she founded—made up of the next generation leaders dedicated to working with The Humane Society of the United States to stop the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills.

Lionel Geneste Recommends:

  • Mark The Occasion

    Ileana Makri—Snake Ring


    Ileana Makri's "Snake" collection has become her signature, and this 18kt rose g…

  • Mark The Occasion

    John Hardy—Bamboo Hoops


    John Hardy is renowned for its handmade jewelry and commitment to Sustainable Lu…

  • Mark The Occasion

    Monique Péan—Opal Marquis & Diamond Bracelet


    There are at least two reasons to buy Monique Péan jewelry: each stone is one-of…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Freedom of Animals—Bucket Bag


    Faux meets fabulous with this classic vegan leather bucket bag , perfect for the…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Grey Area—@earlboykins Yoga Mat


    For its new collection, Grey Area commissioned seven artists to produce a unique…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day



    Suno, produced predominantly in Kenya, features bold, eye catching prints with A…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Maiyet—Henley Clutch


    Maiyet has made a remarkable entrance in the luxury world—using old techniques a…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Melissa Joy Manning—Studs


    Melissa Joy Manning creates a collection of unusual, modern designs that transce…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Stella McCartney—iPhone 5 Sleeve


    Both the fashion set and animal lovers are in awe of Stella McCartney for her de…

  • Reignite The Flame

    Villa La Massa—Florence, Tuscany

    Price starts at $792

    Villa La Massa is the lesser-known sister hotel of the famed Villa d' Este. With…

  • Reignite The Flame

    Kurà Hotel—Uvita, Costa Rica

    Price starts at $520

    Kurà hotel in Uvita has the perfect hotel pedigree: a husband-and-wife architect…

  • Reignite The Flame

    Greyfield Inn—Cumber Island, Georgia

    Price starts at $525

    Built in 1900 and still run by the descendants of the Carnegie family , the Inn…

  • Inspire Her

    Robynne Raye—1000 Dogs Portraits


    Artist and designer Robynne Raye curates this collection that is a study guide o…

  • Inspire Her

    DoDo—Starfish Charm


    With over 80 styles to choose from—each comes with a different romantic and witt…

  • Inspire Her

    Vans X ASPCA—Cats Print Sneakers


    Support a great cause: Exclusive Vans and American Society for the Prevention of…

  • Upgrade It!

    Jack Russell Malletier—Customized Pet Bag


    In leather and available in more than forty different colors, this bag is THE ba…

  • Upgrade It!

    Precious Tales—Custom Dog Medal

    Inquire for price

    Give a picture of her favorite pet and Precious Tales will translate it in a bla…

  • Upgrade It!

    Electric Smart Car


    A combined range of 107 MPGe, all via the juice from your household electrical s…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Singita Sasakwa Lodge—Tanzania

    Price starts at $1,300

    Singita Sasakwa Lodge is located in the Grumeti Reserves in northern Tanzania an…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Green Tracks—A Cruise on the Amazon River


    A cruise aboard a comfortable riverboat may be the most enjoyable way to explore…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Tivoli Eco Resort—Bahia, Brazil

    Price starts at $353

    This 5 star hotel—and its great Thalasso spa—is located in the heart of an ecolo…

Joe Schildhorn/


Angela Lindvall

SUPERMODEL / Environmental Activist

Within moments you're drawn to her extrovert, free-spirited personality—this girl knows how to command a room with a laugh and a smile. She is an avid supporter of environmental causes and spreads the message through her activism and lifestyle choices. But no line probably defines this bohemian-chic daredevil better than this one: you're more likely to find this All-American girl on a surfboard than lounging on a beach.

Angela Lindvall supports: Natural Resources Defense Council's Clean by Design, an innovative program that uses the buying power of multinational corporations as a lever to reduce the environmental impacts of their suppliers abroad.

  • Mark The Occasion

    Ana de Costa—Paisley Pendant


    Ana de Costa—called a "Bright Young Gem by British Vogue" infuses a bohemian vib…

  • Mark The Occasion

    Monique Péan—Striped Horn Ring


    Modern, striking and using the naturally shed horn from a buffalo as i…

  • Mark The Occasion

    Maiyet—Diamond Bangle


    Maiyet has made a remarkable entrance in the luxury world—using old techniques a…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Organic Avenue—Daily Delivery

    Price starts at $195

    Help her maintain a healthy and clean diet with Organic Avenue's organic cold-pr…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Heather Heron x Edible Gardens—Overnight Bag


    California-based designer, Heather Heron, creates each unique, handmade piece fr…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Melissa Joy Manning—Moonstone & Quartz Earrings


    Melissa Joy Manning creates a collection of unusual, modern designs that transce…

  • Forgive & Forget

    John Hardy—Palu Silver Cuff


    John Hardy is renowned for its handmade jewelry making and commitment to sustain…

  • Forgive & Forget

    The Bouqs—Bouquet Set

    Price starts at $40

    Flowers are even more when they come from farms that use sustainable, eco-friend…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Firewire—Dominator Surfboard

    Price starts at $665

    Firewire knows how to make a sleek sophisticated surfboard. Each is eco-friendly…

  • Reignite The Flame

    The Inn of Five Graces—New Mexico


    This Inn is all about rejuvenating the mind and the body. Luxurious and somewhat…

  • Reignite The Flame

    ABC Kitchen—New York

    Price starts at $50

    "Haute organic" is the theme of this airy, open and relaxed restaurant, whi…

  • Reignite The Flame

    L'Heure Bleue Palais—Essaouira, Morocco

    Price starts at $387

    A two hours drive from Marrakech, Essaouira has long attracted surfers and bohem…

  • Inspire Her

    Toms—Daisy Sunglasses


    The philanthropist in her will approve of your gift: for each purchase, Toms pro…

  • Inspire Her

    Kalon Surf School—Puntarenas, Costa Rica


    This all-inclusive, one-week surf school in the southern coast of Costa Rica pro…

  • Inspire Her

    Franscesc  Zamora—150 Best Sustainable House Ideas


    An essential resource for designers, interior decorators, and architects, 150 Be…

  • Upgrade It!

    Bolland & Branch—Organic Bed Set


    This fresh, new eco start-up not only produces sustainable, certified fair trade…

  • Upgrade It!

    Stella McCartney—Falabella Bag


    The fashion set-and animal lovers are in awe of Stella Mc Cartney ,her designs a…

  • Upgrade It!

    Tesla—Model S

    Price starts at $63,570

    Third car to be sold in California, after BMW and Mercedes, this electric car —s…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa—Trancoso, Brazil


    Conde Nast Traveler calls it the Saint Tropez of the 1950s. Restored fisherman h…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Ananda Spa—The Himalayas

    Price starts at $790

    Ananda is the spiritual pathway to the ultimate, discovered through the union of…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Sustainable Surfing—Thanburudoo, Maldives

    Price starts at $250

    At Thanburudhoo, less is more. They offer a sustainable surfing to preserve the…

Lionel Geneste Recommends:


Ashley Wick

FOUNDER / Wick & Co PR

You can not not notice her. Her naturally chic, effortless beauty is only matched by her adventurous, open heart. An accomplished sportive, she exudes an active, competitive spirit throughout her life. Her fresh-faced, tomboyish magnetism conveys an aristocratic, bohemian chic. She's equally comfortable trekking or at an afternoon tea. She's a travel buff with a quick, inquisitive mind, traditional values and a philanthropic spirit.

Ashley Wick supports: 100 CAMERAS, an organization that empowers marginalized children to document their lives through photography and to create positive change in their own communities.

  • Mark The Occasion

    Irene Neuwirth—Earrings


    Irene's fascination with intense colors and raw, un-manufactured gem cuts,…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    The Highline—Membership


    Helping opening the third and final section of the highline and let her enjoy th…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Ancient Greek Sandal—Icaria


    Crafted in Greece by skilled artisans using century-old techniques as in the myt…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Wendy Nichol—Chevron Bullet Bag 


    Studded by hand at their atelier in Soho, New York City, this bag’s versatile an…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Monc13—Backgammon Set


    A timeless and classic game for the chic backgammon enthusiast. This set is hand…

  • Upgrade It!

    Anya Hindmarch—Bespoke Weekender Latimer 


    From renowned London-based Anya Hinmarch, the Latimer silhouette is a classic tr…

Lionel Geneste Recommends:

  • Mark The Occasion

    Hermès—Cape Cod Watch


    A great classic, this watch retains its cool appeal. In its bigger size, it is a…

  • Mark The Occasion

    Marfurt—Rose Gold Bracelet


    Made of elephant hair, the original was a staple of the chic traveller-set in th…

  • Mark The Occasion

    Marie-Hélène de Taillac x Tasaki—My First Lady Earrings


    This collaboration brings together timeless and modern in a unique way featuring…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    L'Artisan Parfumeur—Boule d'Ambre


    This terracotta treasure contains perfumed amber crystals (composed of vegetable…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Aurélie Bidermann—Caftan Moon Necklace


    Inspired by her travels throughout the world, fashion darling Aurélie Bidermann'…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Saint Laurent—Emmanuelle Bag


    Heidi Slimane designs for Saint Laurent are already iconic. While this bag conju…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Maiyet—Signature Sculpt Ring


    Maiyet made a splash with its classic designs while using old techniques and sup…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Kendall Conrad—No 3 Evening Bag


    California-based Kendall Conrad is known for her use of the finest sustainable m…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Hermès—Brazil Bandhini


    Hermès is giving four of its iconic scarf motifs a new treatment—literally. For…

  • Reignite The Flame

    PlayaVick—Ignacio, Uruguay

    Price starts at $700

    Just far enough down the road from Punta del Este, you’ll find Uruguay’s best ke…

  • Reignite The Flame

    Piora—Manhattan, New York

    Price starts at $45

    A beautiful neighborhood haunt, Piora is a quiet oasis in the busy West Village.…

  • Reignite The Flame

    Soho House—Berlin

    Price starts at $370

    Whether you are a member or not, spend a weekend in this bauhaus building—former…

  • Inspire Her

    Nike—Fuel SE bracelet


    According to the WSJ, this is not just for the tech-savvy set, but for style mav…

  • Inspire Her

    Kate Hume–Pebble vase


    Internationally recognized, Katie Hume is synonymous with her one of a kind vase…

  • Inspire Her

    Westward Leaning—Sunglasses


    Their concept: unique materials celebrating human achievement in universally fal…

  • Upgrade It!

    Shinola—Bixby Bike


    Dubbed "the latest luxury vehicule from Detroit", this commuter bike looks the p…

  • Upgrade It!

    Raphaella Riboud—Plumetis Pajamas


    These understated, elegant pajamas in couture-fabric, plumetis, take loungewear…

  • Upgrade It!

    Globe-Trotter—The Centenary Suitcase


    A favorite of the well heeled travelers, theses suitcases are still handcrafted…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Yoga and Ayurvedic Retreat—Ulopotha, Sri Lanka

    Price starts at $2,300

    According to the New observer ,it is the best Yoga retreat in the world and the…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Summer Diving Fjord Sermilick—Greenland


    This is truly a unique experience not for the faint of heart. Diving under fjord…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Niyama Hotel—Malé, Maldives

    Price starts at $700

    40 minutes by seaplane from Malé, discover Niyama with overwater pavilions and s…


Brenda Schad


Don't judge this book by its cover. True, this All-American girl is reserved, super-spiritual, shy, laid-back and understated, which might suggest a delicate wallflower of sorts. But she's plenty tough, too. A home contractor, this crafty and practical beauty is as comfortable with power tools as she is talking antiques, yoga and home décor.

Brenda Schad supports: NY Sun Works, a non-profit organization that builds innovative science labs in urban schools. It envisions a generation of environmental innovators, empowered to create solutions to global resource challenges.

  • Mark The Occasion

    Harry Winston—Central Park Ring


    This eye-catching emerald ring has all of the elements she will love.

  • Upgrade It!

    Sony—Bloggie Live HD Camera


    This fully equipped camera and camcorder has built in WIFI that allows her to sh…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Frédéric Malle —Une Rose Perfume


    A master's rose: Edouard Fléchier marries the voluptuousness of the flower…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Michael George—A Photography Session With My Children

    Inquire for price

    Michael loves photographing people and often uses his camera as a vehicle for te…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Fall Truffle Fair—Alba, Italy

    Price starts at $125

    The Fall Truffle Fair runs from the first weekend in October through the third w…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Petal Studio—Succulent Bouquet

    Price starts at $45

    Succulent flower aren't the typical bouquet, but that's the point! Sure to make…

Lionel Geneste Recommends:

  • Mark The Occasion

    Arthus-Bertrand—Onde Necklace


    Arthus Bertrand is an iconic jeweler in France. You will be ahead of the game by…

  • Mark The Occasion

    Cartier—Love Bracelet


    A child of 1970s New York, the LOVE collection remains today an iconic symbol of…

  • Mark The Occasion

    Maiyet—Signature Ring


    Maiyet made a splash with its classic designs while using old techniques and sup…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day



    The Aester cone will change the way you listen to music. It’s totally in tune wi…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Sophie Hulme—Mini Envelope Bag


    Sophie Hulme's bags are a hit with the fashion set for their "clean and unfussy"…

  • Brighten Her Day-To-Day

    Lip—Panoramic Watch


    Designed at the very beginning of the Fifties, this watch is deeply rooted in po…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian—Scented Bracelet


    Known for his delicate fragrances, Francis Kurkdjian designed this understated a…

  • Forgive & Forget

    Nicolas Theil—Soft Skin Bag


    Showcased on L’Exception, a website featuring independent avant-garde fashion. N…

  • Forgive & Forget

    J.Crew x Ray Ban—Wayfarer Sunglasses


    When an iconic style is revamped by J.Crew, it gives a feminine cat-eye shape-su…

  • Reignite The Flame

    W Retreat & Spa—Vieques, Puerto Rico


    After a 20 mn plane ride from Puerto Rico, you will be in Vieques. Settle in you…

  • Reignite The Flame

    Mandarin Oriental Spa—Massage


    Nothing will help her forgive and forget faster than a 2 hours, whole body pampe…

  • Reignite The Flame

    Handsupholidays—Antigua, Guatemala


    Spend your days just outside of the village building homes for those in need whi…

  • Inspire Her

    B&O—BeoPlay A8


    Outstanding sound and a stylish design, these speakers are referenced in every s…

  • Inspire Her

    Judy Kameon—Gardens are for Living


    Judy Kameon is known for her signature style of creating rooms outside. In her b…

  • Inspire Her

    ICP—Photography Classes


    Pick from a number of different classes from theory to practice for portraiture…

  • Upgrade It!

    BMW—All-Electric 3i

    Price starts at $42,000

    "Reinventing urban mobility," as BMW puts it, "means thinking beyond the realm o…

  • Upgrade It!

    D.Porthault—Hand-Embroidered Linen Set


    D.Porthault is the French linen company revered by the true luxury connoisseurs.…

  • Upgrade It!

    Isaac Reina—Weekend Bag


    Paris-based Isaac Reina is slowly building a following amongst the minimalist cr…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Mombo Camps—Botswana

    Price starts at $1,916

     Mombo Camp is located in the heart of Botswana's Okavango Delta . Wid…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    A spiritual marathon—Jerusalem

    Price starts at $528

    Run the Jerusalem marathon taking place in March 2015: experience its 3000 year…

  • Fulfill Her Dream

    Azienda Agricola Mandranova—Sicily


    Hugging Sicily’s stunning southern coast, Azienda Agricola Mandranova is more th…

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